Supplier sector

As a global leader in the insulation and residual current monitoring sector, Bender’s purchasing department is constantly on the lookout for innovative suppliers and service providers.

Together with our suppliers as partners we aim to play a role in shaping the future.

Purchasing philosophy

Our vision:

Bender, the power behind electrical systems – we make electrical power safe

In order to see that vision become reality, we do our very best for you day in and day out.

We value close and trustworthy cooperation with our suppliers. It is only together that we can fulfil the high customer requirements optimally.

Therefore, we are looking for reliable and long-term business partnerships.

We expect our suppliers to have innovative capability, to supply high quality and to be ready to continuously improve the quality of their products and processes.

Because we operate all over the world, we are particularly interested in suppliers who can offer competitive products at the global level with due attention to costs and also

  • Utilise a quality management system structured according to ISO9001 and an environmental management system in compliance with ISO4001
  • Ensure quality and cost responsibility
  • Respond flexibly and on time to specified requirements
  • Are familiar with and already use just-in-time, Kanban and consignment stock as tools to optimise inventory
  • Accept our logistics agreement.
  • Ensure adherence to our Code of Conduct (complies with the ZVEI (The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) standard)

Purchasing portfolio

A significant proportion of the purchasing volume consists of production materials such as electronic components, passive components and printed circuit boards.

The list below will give an overview about our regular demands for goods and services:

Current transformers

  • Current transformers for various applications, in compliance with DIN EN 60044-1, in the following designs: bus-bar current transformers, plug-in current transformers, rectangular-type current transformers, split-core-type current transformers, current probes and Rogowski current transformers
  • Low-voltage current transformers for the measurement of load currents of 100 mA to approx. 1000 A in the accuracy classes 1, 0.5 and 0.2
  • Low-voltage current transformers for the measurement of residual currents of 1 mA up to approx. 100 A with high permeability


  • Customer-specific safety and isolating transformers in compliance with IEC 61558-2-x in the standard designs BV20, EI30-EI120, UI130-UI39
  • Transformers for the supply of medical locations

Printed circuit boards

  • Technology: Product class 3 (IPC-A-600), RoHS-compliant (according to EU directive 2002/95/EG), single-sided, double sided, multilayer (4, 6, and 8 layers), material FR4 (acc. to UL94V-0), Tg 110°/150°/170°, final copper thickness 35, 70 and 105 µm, conductor path width 100 µm, smallest bore diameter 100 µm
  • Design: Single PCB, PCB panel (acc. to Bender requirements), milling (by manufacturer or acc. to Bender requirements), scoring
  • Surfaces: HAL, chem. nickel, gold non-metallic coating: solder resist, assembly pressure
  • We will be glad to send you our detailed printed circuit board specification on request.

Electronic components

  • Circuit-breakers, relays, displays, front membranes, cables and cable accessories
  • Resistors, capacitors, transistors, opto-electronic components, sensors

Production materials

  • Connecting elements, metal and formed parts, plastic and die casting components
  • Packaging means and haul means, printed papers, power accessories


Non-production related materials

  • Research and development services, capital goods
  • Travel management, personnel services, general services such as consultancy services, vocational education and training
  • Transport and logistics, office materials, consumables, IT services

International goods trade

As an internationally operating company, our customers expect us to ensure that the necessary guidelines and regulations are complied with.

RoHS directives

Regarding the RoHS directives, there should be no delays hroughout the procurement process. Please prepare, if necessary, always a relevant supplier’s declaration or a certificate of origin of the products you supply.

REACH regulation

It is the supplier’s own responsibility to ensure that the goods delivered comply with the requirements of the REACH regulation, governing the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances, all being applied in their up-to-date version.

Supplier integration

Our goal has always been to consider the supply chain as a whole. An important factor is that suppliers consider themselves as an important element of the value added supply chain.

For this reason, our objective is to involve suppliers from the first stages of the process

Are you interested in becoming a supplier for Bender?

First contact Bender using the Supplier Self Disclosure form. Complete and submit the completed Supplier Self Disclosure form by e-mail to or by fax: +49 6401 807 479.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! We will be pleased to check your information provided in the Supplier Self Disclosure form and will contact you and inform you whether you are a potential supplier for our company.

Supplier assessment

To ensure that our suppliers meet the specific performance requirements in the long term, we carry out regular supplier assessments. On the basis of this assessment, we jointly develop measures to realise optimisation potential or to overcome deficits.

Supplier download files

Supplier self disclosure (pdf document, English)
General Conditions of Purchase
Code of Conduct