A future-proof charging station

When several charging stations are interconnected or in coordination with the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and the Energy Management System (EMS), the integrated Dynamic Load Management (DLM) provides the maximum available power to the respective vehicle and avoids load unbalance.
The charging process is enabled by the backend system via Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).
OCPP is a universal application protocol that enables standardised communication between the charging station and a central backend/management system.
Bidirectional communication with the ISO 15118 standard ensures a secure exchange of data between the vehicle and the charging station, thus enabling intelligent, automated control of the charging process.
Energy billing in kWh via the backend in compliance with measurement and calibration law (with the CC612).
Regular (e.g. quarterly) updates guarantee that the charging station always offers the latest functions and complies with current standards.
  • operates economically thanks to intelligent load management
  • supports bidirectional communication with the vehicle according to ISO15118
  • can be updated
  • meets the requirements of the measurement and calibration law provided that power consumption is invoiced in kWh

Our checklist gives you an overview of the requirements of a sustainable charging station.

Bender Charge Controller

Bender charge controllers provide the technical basis for setting up a future-proof charging station/wallbox.


With the new generation of CC613 charge controllers, the functional range of the charge controllers has been extended even further. It was important here to retain the dimensions of the already familiar CC612 charge controller so that it could be used in existing charging stations or wallboxes.


Datasheet CC613 charge controller

With its intelligent CC612 charge controller, Bender offers the basis for an AC charging station or wallbox which not only stands out for its cost-effectiveness and safety, but also allows for the construction of a charging infrastructure that complies with German calibration law.


Datasheet CC612 EV charge controller

Charging stations compliant with German calibration law from our partner ebee

Charging station

On 30 April 2019, our partner ebee smart technologies GmbH in Berlin received the type examination certificate for its charging point "Berlin" from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrology Institute of Germany). As of now, ebee starts with the delivery of charging systems conforming to German calibration law. Existing charging points can also be converted to kWh-accurate billing in compliance with German calibration law.

Our expert package gives you an overview of the requirements placed on a future-proof charging station.

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Checklist for a sustainable charging station/wallbox
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Datasheet: CC613 charge controller
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