2/2018 | MONITOR | 35 CONCLUSION With the multi-channel residual current monitoring system and energy measure- ment, fault and residual currents, operating currents, stray currents and currents in N and PE conductors can all be monitored at key points of the power supply sensi- tive to alternating, pulsating and universal currents. The RCM solution from Bender replaces the RCD and prevents planned shutdowns due to necessary tests as well as unplanned shutdowns due to errors in the loads. This, in turn, makes an essential contribution to ensuring the high availability of the power supply and also reduces IT expenses and maintenance costs. With this system monitoring, it is possible to readjust, assess and track the changes of the leakage currents in the system professionally and correctly, to ensure elec- trical availability and also detect and analyse utilisation and consumption on a permanent basis. Furthermore, the technology used effectively reduces the time and money required for periodic verification as per the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) specification 3 and enables standard-compliant opera- tion without RCD with RCM and the necessary admin- istrative measures. After all, if an RCM is used on a granular basis, the use of RCDs as per DIN VDE 0100-410:2007-06 is not necessary. The prerequisite here is the development of a reporting chain and timely troubleshooting by an electrician. Big demands on the mini format For PRIOR1’s customers the maximum availability of this small, compact data centre is an important success factor. This requires the highest degree of electrical safety in the power supply. The permanent monitoring of safety-relevant circuits for fault, residual and operating currents as well as stray currents generates information at an early stage on looming critical operating condi- tions and thus avoids potential failures. On the one hand, the Bender solutions allow the status of all system components to be monitored in real time without having to switch the systems off, for example, potential insulation faults or PEN bridges can be detect- ed early in the TN-S system in order to guarantee the highest possible level of reliability. On the other hand, this allows the user to monitor the electrical system remotely during operation, to assess any changes which occur and also detect disturbances in good time in order to provide data quickly and reliably to make a decision in case of a fault. " The RCM solution replaces the RCD and prevents planned shutdowns due to necessary tests as well as unplanned shutdowns due to errors in the loads." Peter Eckert BU Industrial Solutions, Segment Management