2/2018 | MONITOR | 37 been gained with German engineering, German plan- ning skills and German know-how are again and again a determining criterion for the inclusion of German companies or German technology when it comes to modernisation projects in the healthcare sector in Singapore. By the end of 2017, another state-of-the-art surgical department with a total of four operating theatres was brought into operation in Singapore. The new surgical unit, which was completed in just one year of con- struction after complex reconstruction, supplements the hospital with modern diagnostic and treatment functions for the various medical disciplines. Strong together – Protection in sensitive environments In addition to the use of the latest architecture and medical technology — which is provided by renowned German manufacturers such as MAQUET, the HT Group, etc. — the BENDER Group is participating in the new building, providing a total of 10 IT systems for protection and monitoring solutions in the building technology. In addition to isoMED427P-2 series insula- tion monitoring devices, IT system transformers of the ES710 / 8000S or ES710 / 3150S series and AN450 series PSUs (Power Supply Unit), EDS151 series insu- lation fault locators were also used. The completion of the control rooms was made directly in Singapore by a long-standing Bender partner, the Eetarp Engineering Group. As part of a complex reconstruction and moderni- sation programme at the Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore, state-of-the-art supply and power system protection technology was introduced, which reliably ensures the safety of humans and equipment, even in a highly sophisticated electronic environment. Thus, the Mount Alvernia Hospital Singapore is part of a number of large and significant projects undertaken by Bender GmbH & Co.KG and Bender Solutions GmbH & Co.KG in Singapore. Others include the “National University Hospital”, the “Sengkang Community Hospital”, the “Changi General Hospital”, the “Ng Teng Fong General Hospital”, the “NCID Hospital Singapore” and the “Khoo Teck Puat Hospital”, all of which were completed over the past 10 years. The associated safety standards for the power supply must be met, as must the demands on the highly complex medical electronic equipment and devices. History of the hospital The Mount Alvernia Hospital is Singapore's first private and sole charitable Catholic hospital providing acute care services. The hospital was officially opened with 60 beds on 4 March 1961. Today, the hospital is a 304-bed general acute care unit with tertiary medical capabilities (including rehabilitation) and two multi-dis- ciplinary medical specialist centres. The hospital is supported by over 1,200 accredited doctors, with more than 170 specialists located on the campus. Being a charitable organisation, the annual fiscal sur- plus of the hospital is channelled back into the devel- opment and expansion of the hospital and supports the Assisi hospice and community outreach activities. Sustainable partnership With the engagement of German companies, the mod- ernisation of medical facilities has become a tradition in Singapore. The invaluable experiences that have "Complex information for a user can be displayed simply and clearly ."